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Warsaw in the 50’s
The Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit looks scary as fuck even to those who are not interested in aircraft or military at all. Just look at that plane: a strange, triangle-like shape with no discernible details that is about as much detached as the traditional shape of colors of the aircraft as we know it as possible, closer to the UFO than anything made by human hands. And to make things worse, it’s a strategic bomber, capable of carrying nuclear bombs. With the B-2, they got the whole psychological aspect of terror based on the appearance down a T: it’s an airplane that makes you shit your pants with the looks alone.

Leaving Them In His Dust

New Mustang… Ford Exhibit NY World’s FairHappy Birthday Mustang

The birth of the Mustang, 17 April 1964.
1958 Volvo PV544
1980 Audi Quattro
1982 Audi 5000

Citröen SM Maserati Cabriolet  ”Mylord”            
Henri Chapron  c.1971
Automobiles Classiques Printemps 1985
1980 Audi Quattro